Turkish Delight with Mint Flavored
Turkish Delight with Mint Flavored

Haci Bekir

Turkish Delight with Mint Flavored

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125 gr (4.40 oz)

You will love of the taste of Haci Bekir Turkish delight, which comes from the Ottoman palace, prepared with the aroma obtained from the freshest mint flavored.

Haci Bekir Turkish Delight with Mint; It has been carefully prepared in the special packages you choose or in the classic Haci Bekir packaging with its historical formula.

Haci Bekir Efendi, who reached the highest level of confectionery in the Ottoman palace. He first brought to the Ottoman palace and then to the world cuisine, is prepared with a recipe specific to Haci Bekir Efendi's cuisine and is produced in accordance with special production conditions.

Haci Bekir Turkish delights are packed in production facilities where they combine tradition and technology in order to offer customers with the freshness of the first day.

In the package of Haci Bekir Mint Delight, you will find the magnificent consistency of Haci Bekir delight in the most natural form of mint.