How to Send Gift to Turkey

The Sweetest Gift for Your Loved Ones

According to Oxford Dictionary gift:noun is 'a thing that you give to somebody, especially on a special occasion or to say thank you' offers a wide variety of delicious tastes to send people living in Turkey. You can easily order on and make happy to your family members, friends or colleagues who live anywhere in Turkey. 

Whether you want to send a gift to a friend for Ramadan, or a fresh delicious baklava as a birthday gift, we are here to help.

We offer a wide category of delicious Turkish tastes for you to send as gift for an event like:

  • Ramadan Bairam - Eid Mubarek Gift
  • Birthday present and new baby present
  • Marriage present and engagement present
  • Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving present
  • Anniversary Present
There is no need for reason to give gift your loved ones. Presents are welcoming by people all the time, especially if you send a gift a person who live far away from you, no doubt.

How to send a gift to a friend live in Turkey?

  1. To send a gift to Turkey, first select a proper delicious taste from our website.
  2. After creating an account, put the shipping address details with your friends' Turkish address. 
  3. We offer free shipping to Turkey for orders above $40
  4. After successfully placing your order, we will deliver your gift via local shipping companies and update you once delivered.
  5. Also we can add gift card if you prefer.

What can I send as a gift to Turkey?

There is no sweetest choice to send as a gift a delicious dessert. You can send these unique tastes from our website to your friends, girlfriends, family members or colleagues.

Send Baklava as a gift to Turkey

  • Fast shipping, always. We are able to send fast to your orders until door step. It takes max. 2 days shipping anywhere in Turkey.
  • High quality, well-known brands. We are collaborate with the best brands which produce baklava. Hafiz Mustafa Baklava and Karakoy Gulluoglu Baklava are the highest quality brands in the world.
  • Daily produced, fresh. We are delivering daily produced fresh baklava in special gift box choices.
  • Special and protective packaging. The packaging is also important detail of sending baklava. Our baklava packages are airtight, protective and high quality. 
send baklava as a gift to turkey

Send Turkish Delight as a gift to Turkey

Turkish delight is the most famous dessert of Turkish cuisine which is even called 'Turkish'. It is a very sweet and popular gift in Turkey.

  • Several products. We have lots of choices! You can find different mix boxes, nuts, chocolates, and flavors.
  • One of the bests of Turkish delight. We offer the best brands of Turkish delights to our customers. Hafiz Mustafa Turkish delights which include mouthwatering assorted boxes of Turkish delight. Secondly, Haci Bekir Turkish delights with its special authentic recipe which is the oldest brand of Turkish delight since the Ottoman period. We provide Haci Bekir Turkish delights from pomegranate covered, double roasted nuts to chocolate-coated pistachio filled. Koska is the other brand that we have both halvas and delicious Turkish delights of this brand.
  • We choose the best Turkish delights for you. We bring these tasteful desserts to your friends as a gift for you.
  • Easy order! You only decide that desire which one/s and order easily! Paying methods and shopping steps are useful. 
send turkish delight as a gift to turkey

Send Turkish Coffee as a gift to Turkey

Turkish coffee is an essential item of Turkish cuisine. It is consumed almost every day. Also, Turkish coffee is served at some special times according to Turkish culture.
The most typical characteristic of Turkish coffee is blended very thin according to other coffee types. It makes it a stronger taste so it is consumed in a small cup.

send turkish coffee as a gift to turkey

Send Candy and Chocolate as a gift to Turkey

Who loves candy and chocolate? All of us! :)

  • All-natural and handmade products. In, we offer several dragees, chocolate, and candy types. You can find some candy products that mixing of authentic and current recipes. So it makes them special. We sell only natural and handmade products.
  • Candy masters! Haci Bekir candies are famous for their original recipes from the Ottoman Palace kitchen. You can find assorted fruitful dragees; chocolate-coated candies; Akide candies, sugared pistachios, and sugared almonds, etc. Also Hafiz Mustafa's secret candy recipes, coffee bean dragee, cinnamon almond dragee, mixed candy dragee, etc.
send chocolate as a gift to turkey
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