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Turkish coffee and Turkish tea are the best friends of every conversation.
And their best friends are the Turkish delights.

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Historical origins of Turkish Delight

Turkish delight, which was an important part of the palace cuisine in the Ottoman period, has hundreds of years of history. The sweet 'abhisa' consumed by the Sassanids, which ruled between 226 and 652 BC in the Persian Empire, is known as the origin of the delight, although it is not certain. While Turkish delight was originally called "comfortable ul-hulkum", that is, "comforting the throat", it was called "comfortable delight" in the past period. Finally, it was called 'Turkish delight' with modern Turkish language.

It became known in Anatolia in the 15th century. Until the 16th century, Turkish delight was produced by mixing honey, molasses, and flour. The popularity of Turkish delight increased with Şekerci Hacı Bekir Efendi, who came to Istanbul from Kastamonu in 1777 and produced and sold Turkish delight in the candy store in Bahçekapı. With the invention of starch and refined sugar, Hacı Bekir Efendi beat this sugar in the mortar and used it in the production of Turkish delight. After that, he used the starch instead of flour and Turkish delight production has taken its present form. In 1820, Sultan Mahmut II who was known as the reformist Sultan in Ottoman history declared as the Chief Confectioner to Hacı Bekir Efendi. An English traveler ate Hacı Bekir Efendi’s Turkish delight and he carried this ‘delight’ as ‘Turkish delight’ to English literature in his book. And Turkish delight became the most popular delight all over the world.

How to make Turkish Delight at home? Homemade recipe

How to make Turkish delight?

It is known that honey or boiled grape juice was used in the first examples of Turkish delight. However, with the introduction of industrial sugars, the current Turkish delight recipe has started to be applied. Accordingly, we can say that sucrose, namely sugar, starch, water, and lemon salt are the main ingredients of Turkish delight. In addition to these materials, many kinds of Turkish delights can be produced using different nuts and fruits, as well as fruit flavors and food dyes.

The process of making Turkish delight begins with the boiling of sucrose until it dissolves in water. Then, starch with lemon salt is dissolved in another pot and kept for mixing. Then this mixture is stirred into the sugar water and boiled for a while on low heat. At this point, we can say that it is time to show the skills of the person who prepared the Turkish delight. Because the boiling time and consistency of the mixture reveal the skill of the master.

After making sure that the Turkish delight is cooked and getting its consistency, the flowing Turkish delight is placed in molds that are sprinkled with starch for shaping. After the Turkish delight has cooled, they are cut and covered with powdered sugar so that they do not stick together. Turkish delights packed after all these processes take their places on the shelves to sweeten the mouths.

How to make Turkish Delight at home?

Ingredients of Rose Turkish delight

  • 1 glass(200 ml) of starch
  • 3 glass of granulated sugar
  • 4.5 glass of water
  • 4 tablespoon of rose water
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • Some food coloring (optional)
  • Pistachio or hazelnut (optional)

For the above:

  • Powdered sugar

We put sugar, water, and lemon juice in a saucepan and leave them to boil.

  1. First, we open the starch with rose water and add food coloring(if you want), then mix it quickly while slowly pouring it into boiling water.
  2. After stirring a little more, we cook on low heat, stirring occasionally for 30 minutes.
  3. We pour the baked Turkish delights into a cooking pan with greasy paper.
  4. When it comes to room temperature, we keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. After 1 hour, we slice and coat with starch or powdered sugar.
  5. Then we leave it in the refrigerator again. I did not use food coloring. The choice is up to you, it is a very nice rose Turkish delight.
  6. Hope you like it, bon appetit! :)

When using lemon juice, it may not always keep its consistency according to the acidity ratio of lemon, using lemon salt will be the most guaranteed. I suggest that you use lemon salt for consistency.

How to serve Turkish delight?

We have mentioned that Turkish delight is a traditional flavor and a very special dessert. For this reason, we think that the way of the presentation should also be attentive. However, first of all, you should be sure of the quality of the delight you serve. In this way, you can experience the best tastes with your guests, loved ones, and family.

There is no need to reason to serve or eat Turkish delights. :) But it is generally served alongside Turkish coffee. In Turkish-Muslim tradition, Turkish delight is served to guests on holidays In the holy nights for Muslims, Turkish delights are served to the community after the prayer time in the mosques.

How to understand the quality and freshness of Turkish delight?

We can say that there are a few points you can pay attention to understand the quality of Turkish delight.

  • The powdered sugar on the Turkish delight is must be dry
  • The Turkish delight must have a transparent and bright color
  • The Turkish delight must be soft as much as the tooth can cut while eating but it must not stick to the tooth at the same time.
  • A quality Turkish delight must not include glucose and fructose
  • The Turkish delight can regain its shape after when pressed with a finger on the delight

How to buy Turkish delight online

Where to buy Turkish delight in Istanbul

‘Mısır Çarşısı’ is the best place to buy Turkish delight in Istanbul. There are lots of candy shops that sell several kinds of Turkish delight. Not only Mısır Çarşısı but also in the other locations have lots of candy shops in Istanbul. But you will miss delicious Turkish delight when you are at home. If you search for the nearest Turkish delight shop to you, TurkishTaste.com delivers fast and fresh Turkish delights. If you looking for where is the near Turkish delight shop in UK, US or anywhere else, TurkishTaste.com is the best online address.

How to find Turkish delight near me

It’s important to consume Turkish delight freshly. Therefore, it is not true and necessary to buy them too much when you visit Turkey. We always have the purpose of maintaining our customers with natural ingredients, original, fresh, and high-quality Turkish delights. We always send the fresh Turkish delights in vacuuming and airtight containers that protect your Turkish delight properly. When you eat them, always find yourself to feel like in Istanbul.

Buy Turkish delight as a gift

Turkish delight is both a delicious and memorable gift to your family and friends. Especially we have gift box versions that you can reuse metal boxes of Turkish delights after your delights are finished. We have different varieties in terms of nuts, flavors, brands, and types of Turkish delights. If you want to see other options, we are always ready to help you.

What are the types of Turkish delight

There are many kinds of Turkish delight according to taste, production method, and production place. Here are some types of Turkish delight:

  • Turkish delight with hazelnut
  • Turkish delight with walnut
  • Creamy Turkish delight
  • Turkish delight with pistachio
  • Turkish delight with lemon
  • Turkish delight with pomegranate
  • Rose petals covered Turkish delight
  • Pomegranate covered Turkish delight
  • Pistachio petals covered Turkish delight with pomegranate

What is double roasted Turkish delight?

The reason why this delight is named double roasted is that the roasted Antep pistachio used in the delight is cooked once again with the delight. Previously, pistachios mixed into Turkish delight were used without roasting. When the shopkeepers started to say that the delight produced in this style was double roasted, the name of this delight remained double roasted. Double roasted Turkish delight is much more preferred with Turkish coffee. Because you can feel the taste of nuts in this way.

What are the nutritive values of Turkish delight?

Used materials are determinative of the nutritional value of Turkish delight, but there are average values. There are 89.28 g carbohydrates, 0.12 g protein, 0.19 g fat, 0 g fiber, 0 mg cholesterol, 19 mg potassium, 5 mg calcium, 0.1 mg iron in 100 grams of Turkish delight.

What are the benefits of Turkish delight

  • It helps to reduce tonsillitis.
  • It is useful for kidney patients with its carbohydrate content.
  • It is a great healing for boils and wounds.

How many days is the Shelf life of Turkish delight?

The way the delight is preserved is as important as the production phase. So how should Turkish delight be stored? The most important point at this stage is that the delight is kept in an airtight package. Delight away from sunlight and stored in its package at room temperature, so it can be consumed with pleasure up to 30 days.