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Turkish baklava is the most delicious harmony of pastry, sherbet, honey, and different kind of nuts.
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What is the origin of baklava?

Historical origins of Baklava

Baklava is a very special and old pastry. The first and very old version of baklava claims that the 8th century B.C. by ancient Assyrians who had been preparing it by layering unleavened flatbread putting some nuts in between, soaking it with honey and cooking it in a primitive wood fire.

If you search for history about baklava on the Internet, you will see lots of tribes of the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, and the Balkans. Turks, Greeks, Bulgarians, Armenians, Jews, Arabs present baklava as their traditional dessert. 

Whether the origin of baklava is in ancient Greek, Armenian, Byzantine, or in the nomadic traditions of Turks or Arabs, it is necessary to admit that it took its flamboyant and current form in the Ottoman period, especially in the kitchens of Topkapi Palace. 

Considering that the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans once constituted the Ottoman geography, it can also be considered that baklava is considered an Ottoman dessert. Confectioners added new tastes and flavors to baklava. And later, in the late 19th century, small pastry shops were opened in Istanbul and the provincial capitals.

At first, there was a special reason for baklava being a favorite among the wealthy families and the Ottoman Sultans with their harems. Honey and pistachio were known as the strong aphrodisiacs, therefore they were consumed regularly by males. Also, some spices were put to pastry in terms of being an aphrodisiac. For example, cinnamon for females and cardamom for males.

In history, Gaziantep, where the Southern side of Anatolia, was known as the first place that produced baklava. Still, Gaziantep is famous for its pistachios and export pistachios to different countries. Gaziantep is known as the world's most tasty pistachio grown city. 

Baklava or Baklawa – What is the correct form of writing?

Sometimes people can mispronounce and search for baklava as ‘baklawa’ on the internet. ‘Baklawa’ has no definition in the English dictionaries. The correct spelling of the word is ‘baklava’.

Turkish Baklava – Best baklava producer country to buy baklava

Baklava is a really special dessert that is produced and well known all around the world. It has various ways to make it in different cuisines. After the Ottoman period, there were lots of baklava shops, especially in Istanbul and Gaziantep. Also, people baked baklava in their kitchen.

Baklava Recipe – How to make baklava at home

The ingredients of Baklava – What is needed to make Baklava homemade

There are lots of different baklava recipes all around Turkey. Although the basic logic and ingredients of the recipe are the same, we can see many different Turkish baklava recipes. We think homemade Turkish baklava tastes really different from baklava in shops but both have their own delicious taste. 

We want to give you our grandmother’s practical recipe who made Turkish baklava for all Ramadan. 

Ingredients for Twisted Baklava with Walnut Recipe

  • 1 package thin baked dough
  • 250 g butter
  • 1 water glass measure of oil
  • 1 cup ground walnut
  • For the sherbet;
  • 3, 5 cups of sugar
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 thin slice of lemon

 Steps to make baklava at home:

  • First, put the sugar and water in a pot and mix until the sugar melts, then put it on the stove and let it boil.

  • After the syrup begins to boil, let it boil for another 15 minutes. Add the lemon a while before removing it from the stove. Take the sherbet from the stove and let it get cold.

  • Let's melt the butter and oil in the pan. But be careful that you must not burn them.

  • Let's take 1 piece of dough on the table and apply it from the oily mixture, then sprinkle the second layer of dough and sprinkle it again with some walnut.

  • Starting from the edge, let's wrap with a thin rolling pin, neither too tight nor too loose.

  • Let's draw it from the sides, gently pull it out of the rolling pin, and put it on the tray.

  • Let's prepare all the dough in this way and rub the last oil on it and bake it in a 170 degree preheated oven.

  • When the first temperature of the dessert we take from the oven comes out and becomes at room temperature, let's pour the cold syrup evenly.

  • The tricks are to fry enough the baklava and pour cold sorbet into the warm dessert. 


    Best tips for better cooking Baklava – Secrets for better baklava

    This famous dessert consists of three essential components – phyllo dough, a nutty filling (walnut, pistachio, almond, etc.), and syrup(honey or sherbet). 

    As opposed to the simplicity of the ingredients, making the dough is a difficult endeavor that takes some practice to master. 

    Many recipes today will skip the dough-making process entirely and opt for pre-made phyllo sheets instead. Today, there are numerous different types of baklava with different fillings, but the Turkish original uses pistachios with no added flavorings or spices. 

    Other nutty fillings are used depending on the region, such as walnuts and hazelnuts, which are then paired with spices like cinnamon or cardamom. 

    The syrup that is poured over at the end is nothing more than water and sugar, however, some like to add lemon juice, as it prevents the sugar from crystallizing.

    How to serve baklava – What is best to serve with baklava

    Traditionally, baklava is served with Turkish coffee or Turkish tea. Even if it is up to the size of baklava, one portion generally includes 4-5 baklava slices. 

    Although mostly unknown, traditionally Turkish serve baklava with cold ayran which is a refreshing yoghurt drink. Turkish people believed that ayran takes the intensity of baklava’s sherbet and refreshes the mouth.

    You can also serve with ice cream. You can put one portion (4-5 baklava or more:)) baklava and 2 spoon ice cream onto a plate. This mixture is great, especially in the summer.

    How to buy baklava online

    Important steps to buy baklava online – Order Baklava Online

    • It is really important to be careful about shipping methods.
    • Baklava must be shipped with vacuum packaging. 
    • Shipping must be fast and directly from Istanbul.
    • You must buy baklava online from a reliable seller.

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    Types of Baklava – Which flavors are the best with baklava

    Baklava with Pistachio or Baklava with Walnut

    It is totally up to you! Traditionally, the nuts are used according to geographical locations that produce which nuts. For example, Turkish baklava is generally made with pistachio at the Southeast Anatolia, hazelnut at the Northern side, and walnut in central Anatolia and almond at the Aegean side by our grandparents. 

    Nowadays, we have lots of different flavors and shapes of delicious baklava in Turkey. Turkey has developed itself in the baklava sector every single day and we can say there we have all of the various types of baklava.

    Chocolate Baklava – How it is different

    The recipe really looks like the traditional baklava but in addition, Chocolate Baklava includes cacao for the chocolate lovers. The sugar amount is arranged by the chef to make balance with the cacao.

    If you love baklava and the chocolate at the same time, you must absolutely try this taste!

    Squared Baklava – Why it is different than other baklavas

    Square Baklava includes sherbet, nuts, and phyllo dough. That’s ok. But the difference is the number of nuts is much more than classical baklava in it. I want to make it clear that the nut’s amount is only more than classical and dry baklava.

    Sugar-Free (Diabetic) and Gluten-Free Baklava – How they are made

    If you are diabetes or you want to choose gluten-free foods, or you just don't like sugar, we have these choices in our product range. 

    Gluten-free Baklava is produced for the special diets of the celiac patients and for the gluten-free diets.

    Diabetic Light Baklava is a product “aimed for a special diet” designed for diabetes patients and the people on a diet." 

    We have both pistachio and walnut flavored baklava for these two types of baklava on our website. You can order them safely.

    What is the best mix for assorted baklava box for ordering

    You can choose your mixed product completely according to your taste and preferences. We always try to be clear about the names of our products. If you have any questions, we are always ready to answer about the products.

    How to serve and keep baklava for long shelf life

    How is baklava best served?

    Some kinds of baklava can taste better if you get a little bit of heat. But it is totally up to you and please be careful only a little bit to heat your baklava. Or you can only take from the box and serve it. Kadaif must not be heated.

    You can also serve with ice cream. You can put one portion (4-5 baklava or more:)) baklava and 2 spoon ice cream onto a plate. This mixture is great, especially in the summer.

    How to keep baklava for a long shelf life after ordering?

    • In order to maintain long shelf life and freshness, baklava should be stored outside the refrigerator.
    • Baklava must keep in a cool and dry place and away from sunlight. 
    • Baklava must be stored in an airtight container. 
    • If you apply these conditions, baklava can keep its freshness for a long time. 

    Shelf life for Baklava? Is shelf life the same for each type of baklava?

    Shelf life can change according to the type of baklava that has different amounts of sherbet, nuts, or butter. In general, baklava and kadaif can keep its freshness for 5-7 days. Dry baklava, which has less butter and more nuts, can keep its freshness 10-15 days. 

    Also if you need or want, you can deep-freeze your baklava. In this way, it can keep fresh for a long time.

    We noted the shelf life of baklava under the page for each product.