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The Culinary Capital of Turkey: Gaziantep

Gaziantep is one of the most developed cities located in South-Eastern Anatolia in Turkey. Gaziantep is the ninth crowded and multicultural city of Turkey. It has a rich and worldwide famous cuisine. Not only it’s the cuisine, kebabs, and desserts, but also historical museums, neighborhoods, bazaars of Gaziantep are worth seeing. Travel to Gaziantep in 5 Steps How can I go to Gaziantep? From Outside of Turkey Gaziantep is a location that is easy to go with flight and the bus. If you want to travel to Gaziantep, you can use both flights and busses. There is a direct flight from the biggest airports worldwide. Gaziantep Oguzeli Airport is located in Oguzeli, Gaziantep. You can use public transportation or a...

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