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Fresh Gluten Free Baklava with Walnuts

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"Çölbak Baklava produced for the special diets of the celiac patients and for the gluten-free diets."


    • Celiac is a long-term disease that primarily affects the small intestines. These allergic reactions cause a lifetime tenderness inside the small intestines against the protein called gluten available in cereals such as wheat, barley, and rye.
    • Studies have been conducted with the Society of Living with Celiac and sampling was performed by the patients.
    • The amount of gluten is not more than 20mg/kg based on measured dry substance.
    • Other ingredients used in Çölbak except flour are the same as taste quality of Güllüoğlu Baklava.
    • Adding even only two spoons of gluten into a ton of gluten-free products may cause dangerous results for the patients. Therefore it is very important that the gluten-free products should not be contaminated with any amount of gluten.
    • First of all, we have organized a special production site and a separate warehouse in our firm in order to prevent the food under risk of containing glutens from being in the same location as the gluten-free foodstuff.
    • Çölbak was baked in a separate oven from the other products. Furthermore, the required training was given to our personnel regarding the celiac disease.
    • Çölbak is offered to our customers using a separate division and equipment in our showroom.
    • Ingredients are rice flour, egg, cornflour, walnut, butter, sugar, salt.
    • Allergens that this product including walnut, pistachio, milk, and eggs. The gluten amount does not exceed 20mg/kg based on dry substance.
    • Shelf life is 15 days, please keep in a cool and dry place.
    • Consumption under doctor control is recommended.
    • Our products are regularly analyzed.

It is calculated based on the daily 2000 calories.

This product is produced in accordance with the gluten-free product notification with permission no. 34-00053/29.01.2002 granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.