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Turkish Coffee Serving Set - Istanbul

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Brand: Porland

Turkish coffee Serving Set Istanbul

9 Pieces

2 Water Glasses

2 Turkish Delight Bowls

2 Turkish coffee Cups and Plates

1 Tray

The patterns of these products under Lifetime Guarantee; It has been applied since 1996 using the most up-to-date technologies. These special products, which are baked at high temperatures, are completely embedded in the glassy surface, namely the glaze, which gives the porcelain shine, and therefore it is not possible for your designs to come out for a lifetime. You can use these superior glaze and pattern-resistant products, which are the tradition of Porland, in dishwashers, ovens and microwave ovens with peace of mind. The most important difference with under glaze is the firing technique of the products and the color of the patterns can be varied according to this technique.