The Koska brand started operating in Denizli in the early 1900s. Hacı Emin Bey's son came to Istanbul in 1931 and opened his first halva shop there and his fame spread throughout Istanbul.

In the factory established in Topkapı in 1974, besides halva, the production of Turkish delight, jam and nougat was started. In 1983, Mümtaz and Nevzat Dindar brothers decided to continue their activities here by moving to the modern facilities they built in Merter separately from their other younger brothers.

Koska, which is still under the management of the fourth generation, continues its production in its facilities established on an eleven decare land in which it moved in late 1998.

Koska, which has renewed all production machinery and equipment with the latest technology, has increased its capacity and quality of jam, honey, Turkish delight, croquant, pismaniye, hazelnut cream with cocoa and traditional Turkish desserts.

As a result of the intensive efforts of food engineers in the fully-fledged and modern laboratory it has established, Koska has succeeded in producing diabetic halva, almond paste and jam using completely natural sweeteners.

Besides the largest candy and halva producer of Turkey, Koska is significant exporter over 74 countries on four continents.

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