Hafiz Mustafa

Hafiz Mustafa has been offering its customers rich options of Ottoman dessert cuisine since 1864.

Hafiz Mustafa has always adhered to its traditional recipes and quality, but has always caught up with today's technology and standards in its production.

Hafiz Mustafa has a wide range of products such as Turkish baklava, Turkish delight, Turkish coffee, dragee and Turkish tea. Each product has high quality standards.

Hafiz Mustafa mixed baklava, mixed pistachio and walnut baklava, kadayif varieties, and also mixed Turkish delight varieties; especially pistachio, double roasted, saffron and pomegranate coated and milky Turkish delight varieties are highly preferred by customers. We, as TurkishTaste.com, always send our orders directly from Istanbul with DHL Express. All our products are fresh because they are daily production, and they are sent to your door as quickly as possible. The best address to choose Hafız Mustafa products is www.turkishtaste.com

How to buy Hafiz Mustafa online

Important steps to buy Hafiz Mustafa online – Order Baklava Online

  • It is really important to be careful about shipping methods.
  • Baklava, Turkish delight and other products must be shipped with vacuum packaging. 
  • Shipping must be fast and directly from Istanbul.
  • You must buy Turkish delights and baklava online from a reliable seller.

Buy Hafiz Mustafa products – TurkishTaste.com

  • We are shipped with DHL in the most proper packaging method for each product. 
  • We send Turkish delight and baklava in the vacuuming packages, airtight, and impact-resistant boxes.
  • We send 100% original, fresh, delightful products that are sent directly from Istanbul.
  • We have many products ranges on baklava both brand and diversity.
  • We are always ready to improve our website on what our customers need.
  • We have reliable payment systems.